The Gettysburg Story

Battlefield Auto Tour

The Gettysburg Story: Battlefield Auto Tour

The Gettysburg Story: Battlefield Auto Tour is the companion audio tour to the film. The best-selling companion Auto Tour takes visitors around the actual battlefield - dramatically telling the story at the exact place where events occurred.

It follows the official Gettysburg National Military Park Auto Tour Route, making up to 14 stops. It features 3 CDs covering each day of the battle with 3 tour options ranging from 2 to 3 hours. The companion 72 page full color guide is packed with art, photos, text and more. The 14 full color maps are stunning, easy to understand and feature panoramic orientation guides to help visitors quickly get their bearings.

Gettysburg Story: Auto Tour is currently available for Apple iOS and Google Android mobileThis beta test version is free with the purchase of the current guidebook + CD disks. A card with unique redeemable code is located on inside cover of guidebook. There are two options for using the tour on your mobile device:

Bandcamp app allows users to stream audio tracks for the auto tour. Stop and start the audio tracks as you progress along the auto tour route. To use bandcamp click here:

Note: The digital download is no longer available thru the Detour app.  

Both the tour and film are narrated by actor Stephen Lang (Avatar, Gettysburg, Gods & Generals, Tombstone) It is based on the works of Civil War expert Professor Gabor Boritt - a historian, author and Founder of the Civil War Institute at Gettysburg College. For 30 years he has given battlefield tours to people ranging from Moses (aka Charlton Heston) to the President of the United States. It is written and produced by filmmaker Jake Boritt, creator of the groundbreaking Gettysburg Story film.

Depending on whether you choose the full, medium, or short version listed in the companion guidebook, your tour should last between two and three hours including driving time between stops. You'll hear The Gettysburg Story both at tour stops and as you drive between stops.

Hear Audio Excerpts:


The Wheatfield (Stop 9) Excerpt

The High Water Mark (Stop 15) Excerpt

While our tour doesn’t require that you leave your car, your visit will be more rewarding if you get out and explore this magnificent place. For children especially, hearing the stories of Gettysburg, following in the soldiers’ footsteps, and walking the hallowed ground will ensure that they will remember The Gettysburg Story for the rest of their lives.

Vital to your understanding of the battle is knowing where you are at any given moment, and we’ll take time at each stop to make sure you have your bearings. The maps provided in the companion guide will also help you visualize your position relative to important battlefield locations. Then, after a brief summary of what happened at each stop, we’ll delve into the heart of our tour: bringing to life the people and events that made the Battle of Gettysburg a pivotal event in American history.

The Auto Tour begins at the Park Visitor Center, though the first 3 audio segments may be listened to anywhere. Auto Tour Stop One is about a three mile drive through the town from the Visitor Center. Continue listening to the audio as you drive. Be sure to follow the Auto Tour signs. Please attach the window-cling safety sign included with your guidebook to let other drivers know you are enjoying the Auto Tour. Please drive carefully and obey all traffic laws.

Always remember—you are on hallowed ground—the exact place where events changed the course of American history. Though it is the bloodiest place in America there is a deep peace to be found here at Gettysburg.

If you let it, this land will speak to you.

Now let’s go!

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