Gettysburg Story Tour + Film


Original 1 hr film


Stunning aerial drone, helicopter and time-lapse cinematography with 3D animated maps tell the epic story of Lincoln, Lee, Meade and more. The film gives viewers a basic understanding of the battle in one hour.


2 Disk Deluxe Set



Includes the original film plus a second disk of Outtakes featuring an additional 2 1/2 hours of unnarrated beautiful battlefield imagery. For the true Gettysburg aficionado.


Gettysburg Story Auto Tour App CD Book
Tour App + 3 CDs + 72 pg. guidebook
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 “A thrilling experience.”
Gettysburg comes alive for new visitors and buffs alike, in this self-guided audio tour. It offers a gripping journey through the Gettysburg battlefield driving the official National Park Auto Tour route. Actor Stephen Lang's stunning performance tells the story of the battle and Lincoln's nation-changing address. The audio tour is downloaded to the HereStory GPS enabled mobile app for Apple iPhone iOS or Google Android. This tour contain the audio tour unlock code and 3 compact disks.

The tour covers all 3 days of the battle with 3 tour options ranging from 2 to 3 hours. The companion 72 page full color guidebook is packed with art, photos, text and more. The 14 full color maps are stunning, easy to understand and feature panoramic orientation guides to help visitors quickly get their bearings.

 “Brilliant and moving.”  
Doris Kearns-Goodwin, Author

Google Android Gettysburg Story Tour app


The Battle of Gettysburg, this three-day battle changed the course of American history. In 1863 George Meade's Union army defeated Robert E. Lee's Confederate army in the bloodiest battle in American history. Four months later Abraham Lincoln dedicated the National Cemetery by delivering his Gettysburg Address calling for "a new birth of freedom."

'The Gettysburg Story' dramatically tells the history of the greatest battle fought in the Western Hemisphere. The stories of characters who experience the battle come alive through dynamic, innovative imagery that captures the historic battleground as you have never seen it before.

Over the last 150 years, the Battle of Gettysburg has become the stuff of legend, told and retold using contemporary technologies of each generation: from glass plate negatives to woodcut prints, black and white silent films, bestselling novels and TV miniseries.

Now, using cutting edge technologies – including high definition radio control aerial drone cinematography, motion control time-lapse footage, dynamic digital geolocation graphic maps, and more – we are bringing the story of Gettysburg alive for the latest generation.

This film captures Gettysburg – a unique, timeless American place – in a new way. Through years of preparation and close cooperation with the National Park Service, we have been granted unprecedented access to the 6,000-acre battlefield. And the latest imaging and editing technologies allow the presentation and reinterpretation of the timeless Civil War narrative, capturing the iconic landscape of the town and battlefield, for a new generation of viewers.